What to expect from lrm

in a few words

Excellent communication

Responsive action, tracking and resolution of issues

Budgetary control

Pro active client reporting

Regular leaseholder meetings via video conference




Client Portal

The Board of Directors/Client Portal is a special place where lrm shares everything you may need to know about your development and is always accessible.

SMS Notifications

Our SMS alert system allows us to send critical alerts to residents and leaseholders in times of crisis at once.

Building Alerts

These notifications provide residents and owners with news and updates regarding their property.

Directors Tracker

Custom lrm building trackers for each development allow for easy monitoring of tasks.

Site Survey Report

Our mobile app allows our Property Managers and Site Staff to undertake inspections which are uploaded in real time.


Resident Portal

Our online portal allows leaseholders to make secure payments, view financial statements, view and download property specific documents and much more.