Managing during the Corona Virus Pandemic

We are extremely grateful to the Nurses, Doctors and other staff at the NHS who have been working so hard under unprecedented circumstances in modern times to care for and protect us.

We have looked at ways of expressing our thanks and support to them and feel the best thing we can do is to make a donation to NHS Charities and to publicise the link.

We have therefore made a donation on the just giving page the link to which is:

lrm have initiated well rehearsed and tested contingency plans to be able to ensure that we can continue to effectively mange our buildings and easily communicate with our staff and residents.

Our priorities at this time are to ensure

Of course, nobody could have foreseen an event that would effectively put the whole world on lockdown but we wanted to assure you that the contingency plans we initiated are working well and our staff are working. We are very aware of the pressures this is putting on our clients, residents and staff and by working together we will get through this.

We have initiated procedures to ensure that these objectives are met.

Essential Functions.

Essential functions such as maintaining life safety systems are continuing.

Cleaning of our buildings is also continuing and our cleaning teams have been instructed to prioritise sanitizing areas such as surfaces, lift buttons, entryphones and door handles.  They are taking all necessary precautions to protect themselves and our residents.

Refuse collection may well become an issue with residents being at home more and so we have made arrangements for private refuse collection companies to attend our blocks when necessary to ensure hygiene is maintained.

A number of other initiatives have been implemented as well and if you would like further details please email with you name address and phone number and we will get back to you.