Crest Nicholson

Planning Advice

Drawing on over 20 years experience lrm can provide invaluable advice to developers and their architects throughout the planning stages of a development on waste management strategies, window cleaning, parking and all other potential planning issues.

Mobilisation Strategies

Offering a dedicated mobilisation team, lrm has the capacity to help developers ensure that residents move into their new home easily with a full handover provided. Simultaneously we ensure we receive a detailed handover to our new build team so we can set up and understand the development.

Concierge and Lifestyle Management

lrm recognise that people live busy lives therefore we undertake a rigorous selection to match the perfect concierge or estate manager to the building. Sourcing direct or with selected partners all successful applicants represent lrm and the leaseholders providing help and security alongside lifestyle management.


Management Planning and Implementation

Working with the developer we are able to call on our expertise to plan a new development after attending a number of site meetings and preparing a management strategy which effectively becomes the building manual for all stakeholders.

For further information please contact Mark Williams