• What time are lrm offices open?

      Our offices are open Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm. We also provide out of hours emergency cover outside of these hours and over all holidays and weekends.

  • Is lrm my Management Company?

      No. We are the agents who have been appointed by your Management Company, Developer or Freeholder to administer the day to day running of the developments.

  • Why do I pay a service charge?

      This is to cover the provision of services which are detailed in the terms of the Lease. This can include plant & machinery maintenance, window cleaning, gardening, communal electricity, minor repairs, buildings insurance, agent management and accountancy fees. Your Property Relationship Manager will prepare and issue an annual service charge budget which will details all the anticipated costs.

  • Why do I pay ground rent?

      Leaseholders may be obliged under the terms of their Lease to pay a rental charge to the Freehold owner of their property. Ground rent is collected on behalf of the freeholder by lrm and is separate to any other charges which are used for the management of your development. Some Freeholders demand ground rent directly from leaseholders.

  • How do I pay my service charge?

      You will receive a service charge demand and this will detail how much you need to pay. We accept credit and debit card payments by telephone (a charge applies), cheques and bank transfers.

  • How do I change my correspondence/billing address?

      We need to receive written confirmation of your change of address. This can be by letter or email provided we have a record of the email that you are using already.

  • What happens if I do not settle my account or withhold payments?

      Paying your service charges on time is important as the building cannot run without funds and it is unfair on those that do pay to find those that don’t. We maintain very strict credit control procedures to ensure that arrears are controlled.

  • Why do I pay building insurance in my charges?

      Under the terms of your lease, it is likely that you are responsible for contributing to the cost of ensuring the property has adequate Buildings Insurance. If the responsibility for this falls to the management company, then you are liable for your share of the contribution to the cost of the insurance policy through them. Please note that if buildings insurance is paid through the management company, you do not need to arrange separate buildings insurance yourself. However you will still need to arrange separate contents insurance and if sub-letting your apartment, you should look at taking out Landlord’s insurance. To make a claim on your buildings insurance, please read the building insurance claim procedure document or contact our office for advice.

  • Why do I pay extra for major works such as external redecoration?

      The service charge budget is primarily designed to budget for the day-to-day costs of managing your property on an annual basis. Often a sum of money is allocated to a ‘reserve’ which is used to fund unexpected costs or major works. Even where such a provision exists, it may not be enough to cover all eventualities. On these occasions, the costs of major works will need to be apportioned and charged as a separate item.

  • How do I report a problem?

      All issues should be reported to our Operations Team. This can be done by telephone, email or by logging in to the portal and reporting the issue there. If you have an emergency then please telephone first.

  • How do I arrange for the removal of bulk refuse items or old furniture?

      The best way is to contact your local authority who will generally arrange for removal of large items for a charge.

  • Where is my allocated parking bay?

      Please email the Operations Team who may be able to assist. In the event that we do not have the information for any reason a copy of your lease and plan can be downloaded from the land registry website and the details will be shown there.

  • How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

      You should contact us with full details of the vehicle. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible as we cannot facilitate any requests without: make, model, colour, tax expiry date, and location of the vehicle.

  • How do I report problems of noise/nuisance caused by other residents?

      In the first instance we always ask residents to try and resolve any issues with their neighbours directly. Should the problem persist please contact your Local Authority’s Environmental Health Officer. In extreme cases call the police if you feel this is appropriate.

  • I am buying/selling a property in an lrm managed development - how do I or my solicitor obtain information?

      If you are selling your property we will provide a comprehensive sellers pack to your solicitors. Please note that we do make a charge for this pack which needs to be paid in advance. If you have bought a flat in a block that we manage it is very important that you ensure your solicitor has sent us a notice of transfer. This is required so that we can register you as the new owner.